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Courses to Play with Golfzon Technology


The best golf simulator for five consecutive years, as ranked by Golf Digest

Tee It Up Golf USA offers the only simulators in the region driven by Golfzon technology, which is recognized as the golf industry’s most immersive and advanced simulator. Golf Digest has consistently awarded it the title of the best golf simulator for five consecutive years. This technology allows players to choose a virtual course and play the ball as if it were on a real course. Instead of a mat, there is a 24-position moving swing plate that enables golfers to experience uphill, downhill, and sidehill shots, just like they would on a real course. The plate also features five different hitting surfaces, including two rough and two bunker surfaces to simulate those conditions. In recognition of its innovation, this technology won Golf Inc’s Most Innovative Award in 2022.

High-speed cameras capture 400 frames per second at the moment of impact, allowing golfers to instantly see their shots on the screen and receive immediate feedback on the ball’s flight. The auto-tee technology enables golfers to speed up their gameplay and avoid the strain of repeatedly bending over. The virtual caddie provides club recommendations for each shot, and golfers can participate in national tournaments alongside participants from around the country who are also using Golfzon technology.